Below we share a painful story from one of our Social Workers, and director of the JRS community center in Burj Hammoud.

“It was very difficult to inform her that her husband passed away in the blast. She has no one here to support her, all her family is in Syria.”
Iman, the director of the JRS Social center in Burj Hammoud, had the terrible task of informing, Salwa*, a woman who has participated in programs at the JRS that her husband had been confirmed dead in the blast.
We communicated with the women who participated in the centre and asked them to visit her at her house. They supported her to cope with the loss of her husband,” explains Fatima, the psychologist at JRS.
The death of our loved ones is always a painful experience, but this one was especially tragic because it was so unexpected and because Salwa is now left alone. She did not have the chance to properly say goodbye for her husband. The JRS community has rallied around her. Now she is grieving his loss with the support of the women at the centre, the social worker, and the psychologist.

In the middle of this tragedy, we give thanks for community.
*Salwa’s real name has been changed.