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On August 4, 2020, a huge blast erupted in the port of Beirut, causing the loss of hundreds of lives, wounding thousands, and rendering around 300.000 people homeless. The country was already struggling with arguably the most severe economic crisis since the famine of 1915.
Different Jesuit networks have joined the national and international effort of relief and support. “Jesuits for Beirut” gathers news about the efforts of different networks related to the Society of Jesus in order to share them with the Jesuit family worldwide.


Our Target

Jesuits for Beirut is Coordinating efforts to
  • Feed people made vulnerable by the explosion
  • Repair or help rebuild homes destroyed by the explosion
  • Repair building (St. Joseph Parish Church, Jesuit communities, School or University buildings).

Our Partners

networks related to the Society of Jesus

Latest News

The painful reality and the community that is formed

Below we share a painful story from one of our Social Workers, and director of the JRS community center in Burj Hammoud. “It was very difficult to inform her that her husband passed away in the blast. She has no one here to support her, all her family is in Syria.”...

Jesuits in Beirut after the Explosion

Jesuits in Beirut after the Explosion

Written by Daniel Corrou S.J. 31 August 2020 https://jesuits.eu/ In the days and weeks after the massive explosion of August 4, 2020, the people of Beirut have been sharing stories. There has been a collective need to speak about this horrifying experience, and to...